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Version 0.42 of YAPE is out


This version is basically a bugfix release. It solves a couple of serious problems (and still leaves a lot more untouched) like the now infamous fullscreen crash... Sorry about being so late (read: lazy) with it. In next releases I'll continue focusing on code improvements, mainly the parallel port IEC emulation which is rather buggy at the moment while at the same time isn't very functional either. But let's see what has been fixed in this release:
  • fixed a crash on some machines in full-screen mode
  • fixed a bug in handling sound channels
  • fixed a bug with the speed indicator (no more 105% I hope...)
  • fixed a bug concerning emulator ID set in the ini file
  • menubar is gone from the fullscreen mode until it'll work properly
There's another known problem with the tape emulation (saving to MTAP format), which either will or will not work depending on your luck as a few folks reported :-) I'll have to look at that later... Another important announcement: in case you're the proud owner of an NVidia card (like me :-) ) I'd definitely recommend upgrading to the latest Detonator drivers (41.09) as it'll improve performance in doubled screen mode enormously under NT. You can get your copy of YAPE here!

Yape 0.41 is available


A new version is now out with improved NT/2000/XP compatibility and much better digi sound support. The changes in this release in details are:
  • started implementing a status bar
  • limited speed does not use up 100% CPU anymore
  • improved TED DMA timings
  • largely improved digi sound support
  • digi sound now works on NT/2000/XP
  • forced full speed now mutes sound
  • optimised sound emulation
  • optimised screen rendering a bit
  • fixed file association bug on NT/2000/XP
  • fixed fallback sound mode
  • fixed wraparound of two zero-lap opcodes
Thanks to all those people, who helped me testing the beta releases, you know who you are! Grab your download from here!

Release 0.40 of Yape is here


Yape 0.40 running Summer EventsThis is basically a bugfix release, a couple of people wrote in to let me know some crashes, so here's a lowdown on what's been amended:
  • enhanced the internal monitor with some more editing functionality
  • tweaked a little on the timers, they seem to behave better now
  • fixed a sound initialisation bug
  • fixed a glitch when writing to the raster line registers
  • fixed a bug with pending IRQs
  • fixed a potential crash in the keyboard handler
  • fixed a crash with very long path names (it'd only crash now if they're very-very long :-) )
Cheers to Csabo for his help improving the monitor. Download your copy from here!

Yape 0.39 is out


Here's a new release before I mess up the whole source code once again for no good =) Again, let's see what's new:
  • ZIP file support
  • optimised TED screen rendering a bit
  • slightly optimised main loop
  • fixed some glitches with the horizontal scroll
  • fixed the IRQ when it occurs right after masking it
  • fixed a bug when reading ROM area above $FF20
ZIP file support is pretty straightforward, it'll always try to open the first file in the ZIP file. One might also note that this is the fastest performing release ever (don't hold your breathe though). Get your download from here!

Version 0.38 of Yape released


This release brings you emulator identification, which is located at address $FF58, and I'll throw a small note on the site soon on how to detect it. Basically, it's similar to the way VICE works. Furthermore, here's the what's new list:
  • optional emulator ID at ROM address $FF58
  • selectable screen update frequency (aka frame skip)
  • second fire button on a PC joystick now swaps between port 1 and 2
  • third fire button on a PC josytick will toggle autofire on/off
  • window position is now saved and restored from the INI file
  • some optimizations in the CPU emulation
  • some bugs in the TED emulation fixed (mainly raster)
Get your copy from the usual place!

Yape 0.37 out with preliminary 1541 support


Yape 0.37 running a 33 row scrollAnother month, another release. I've been working on the edge these weeks. A major thank you goes to Csabo this time who relentlessly pointed out a whole bunch of bugs to me, some of those are still left as pending. But let's see what's new:
  • processor level 1541 drive emulation (quite preliminary yet)
  • three missing illegal opcodes implemented
  • character bank reload implemented (no bitmap for now)
  • keyboard shortcut for switching to maximum speed (ALT+W)
  • limited frame update frequency for sake of fast machines (max. 85 fps)
  • TED sound is not lost anymore when switching to full screen mode
  • CPU jam will now pop up a message box
  • changed the IRQ sequence a bit
  • fixed a huge bug when switching between fast and slow mode
  • two existing illegal opcodes fixed
  • fixed cycle timing of a few opcodes
  • fixed a couple of bugs in the external monitor
  • fixed the screenshot routine (got a bit broken in last version)
  • some annoying keyboard bugs fixed
I expect that most of the timer based protectors should work now (in games like Barbarian 3, Robomutant, StarWars etc.), if not, please give me a note. There was a stupid bug when switching between the fast-slow modes that prevented the emulation to realise it in due time, so that sometimes it came only after a 6 raster line delay (ooops...). Please don't expect the 1541 emulation to be very accurate for now, as I am still having timing problems, and have to implement the ability to debug the drive CPU in the external monitor... Though a couple of disk based games and programs should work now (such as the Zork series, for example). Also note, that since the 1541 drive is apparently having yet another CPU, it'll slow down the emulation considerably. Grab your download from here!

Yape 0.36 is here with Love :-)


Yape 0.36 in actionValentine's Day brings us a new version again with a couple of new features and the usual fixes:
  • modified keyboard layout, see Readme.txt for more
  • SHIFT LOCK and joystick autofire implemented (on CAPS LOCK key)
  • vertical and horizontal blank implemented (default screen got smaller)
  • a new full screen mode by default (400x300)
  • window area delaying implemented (only in text mode)
  • fixed some more IRQ problems
  • fixed a memory address overflow bug
  • you can now associate plus/4 program files with Yape, and then run your games by simply doubleclicking on them
  • uses log window instead of log file (yapelog.txt is gone for good)
As usual, you can find the new version on the download page. On a side note : Tom will work now even better now than ever before, especially with the new SHIFT LOCK option switched on. Have fun!

Yape 0.35 is released!


Yape 0.35's new sound dialogHere's a new release with some bugfixes, some new bugs and some nice new features:
  • ALT+ENTER now always works
  • added saturation to the video settings
  • new sound settings dialog window
  • copy emulator text screen to the clipboard
  • fixed the SID card emulation a bit
  • fixed a bug in save/load snapshot
  • fixed a bug in the ROM setup dialog window
  • fixed another IRQ problem
Go get it from the download page while it's fresh !

A very important new Yape version is ready (v0.34)!


Yape v0.34 running TomI've been spending again some more time working on the emulator lately, and the outcome has surprised even me ;-). One important feature has been added back to Yape, and another longstanding bug has been corrected, that made plenty of games working much much better that have so far been buggy, such as Tom, Star Events, Gullwing Falcon, to name just a few... But let's see what's new:
  • SID card support is back and is now better (though not really accurately timed)
  • largely improved original palette (fixed saturation, not so greyish anymore)
  • fixed two awkward, long standing bugs in the IRQ handling
This is not much you might think, but it's definitely worth the download, as will give better quality of emulation for some games. Fetch your copy here! One important note is that you can't use TED and SID sound together, but that's obviously isn't really necessary anyway.

New Yape version is out (v0.33)!


Yep! After a long-long while... It took me almost one year to kick out this "next" release of Yape, but at least I made it :) In case you expect huge updates, I have to cool you down, as this release is rather about me getting back on track... Anyway, let's see what's new:
  • added display contrast, brightness and gamma correction
  • one missing key added (oops)
  • numeric keyboard now always acts as cursor keys, even when joystick emulation is on
  • reworked INI file a bit
  • window always on top option
  • the original palette is now the default
As I'd been playing with the emulator again, I had to realise what a big mess the source code is... A major rewrite is necessary anyway for several reasons (true drive emulation, TED accuracy, etc.), but that'll be a painful process :P In the meantime, get your download here! Don't forget the YAPE forum, where you can post your thoughts about Yape, after you've registered yourself (which is easy).

Yape forum on KiR opened!


The YAPE forum at my host, KeepItRetro has opened its gates! Should you have problems, questions on my emulator, YAPE, you can post it on the forum after you've registered yourself (easy). Enjoy!

Should you have comments, suggestions on the page, just mail me.