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YAPE 0.53 out with true PAL emulation!


Yape 0.53 in PAL emulation mode, showing the interference effect in the best plus/4 demo so far: Questionmark from BSZ/NST A promise is a promise! Yup, as "usual", another milestone release in plus/4 emulator history: Yape is the first plus/4 emulator to show you true PAL phase shift effects! But let's first what changes made it to this release:
  • PAL TV emulation (phase shift, color carrier effects)
  • screenshots in YUV format (of the PAL screen)
  • update D64 in 1551/CPU emulation
  • joystick setup dialog window
  • support for 2 PC joysticks
  • joystick emulation via keyboard now configurable
  • arbitrary load address for PRG files
  • skipped frames not rendered anymore
  • sped up double sized GDI mode
  • multiple breakpoints in the external monitor
  • illegal opcode range $9B-$9F fixed
  • improved SID digi sound
  • end of screen fixed
  • various bugfixes
  • removed $FE80 SID setup option
There aren't that many demos out there that exploit one of the innerst features of the TED chip. But from now on when it comes to true PAL emulation Questionmark and New FLI will come just so close to the original as never before. The PAL emulation has basically two modes, depending on your settings: double sized window enabled or not. When double sized is selected itt will imply a more serious CPU hit, but will use double line buffering with shaded interleaved scanlines. Single sized mode won't have this phemomen, so it might look less real but has far lower performance hit (actually it can even be quicker than normal GDI/DX modes on some PCs). Please note, that the PAL emulation uses a hardware accelerated DirectX overlay - similarly to the DVD player programs or MS media player for that matter. Most cards however (even as old as an S3 Savage, for example) has some sort of support for overlays... Get this cool new release from here.

Version 0.52 of YAPE released


Yape 0.52 showing one of the best demos for the plus/4 - Infinity Another cool release is coming up this time. First off, here's a full lowdown of the changes that made it to 0.52:
  • G64 image support
  • export bitmaps to P4Shop graphic editor format
  • TED sound is now 16 bit
  • high pass filter on SID sound
  • SID setup recalls the last selected option
  • sound streaming engine rewritten (no more crackling)
  • 1551/IEC fake drive emulation mode bug found (Club-Infos load again)
  • no more occasional lockups on invalid TV signals
  • serial bus update bug fixed (almost all known 1541 turbos work now!)
  • cycle exact cursor blink counter
  • improved DMA (no more glitches in Legionnaire, Xcellor 8 and Thrust at last)
  • TAP save dialog bug fixed (again...)
  • various speed optimisations
  • a few "Easter Egg" changes that are too insignificant to be mentioned here
Most problems with the 1541 turbo loaders seems to be sorted out (unfortunately a few still remains), so you are able to enjoy demos that never before on any emulator, and some of the best actually such as: Inifinity, +4 Mania forever or Metapharstic. Furthermore, a long standing issue with the vertical scrolling in a few classic games has been sorted out as well so you can now fully enjoy gems like Xcellor 8, Thrust or Legionnaire. On top of all that, all sound streaming glitches has been fixed, and the emulator has been sped up considerably, so it probably runs much better now on oldish computers (such as a Celeron 333 for example). Next releases will probably focus on improved disk write support, more attractive user interface and PAL TV emulation, until then, get the recent one from here.

YAPE 0.51 out


Yape 0.51 showing the Outrun demo from TLC We had a cool party over at 4ever03, but life has not stopped since! After being beta for some time, a new version of Yape is ready for download treatment. Lots of bugs have been fixed and some VERY important ones, so I definitely recommend downloading this new release. Here are the changes:
  • frame "sparkle" emulation
  • drive LED indicator on the status bar
  • reorganised, more informative status bar
  • initial write support in 1551/CPU drive emulation (D64 will not be updated, yet!)
  • option to enable/disable drive unit 9 (as IEC only)
  • DMA index reload on non-bad lines fixed
  • timer 1 latch reload bug fixed (all known timer-based defenders work!)
  • pixel clock on border area fixed
  • border area is again 2x4 characters wide (as seen on a 1084S monitor)
  • occasional keyboard scan problem in 16 KB memory mode fixed
  • serial port emulation bug fixed
  • 1541 drive VIA1 IRQ acknowledge bug fixed
  • read/write timing of some illegal opcodes fixed
  • illegal opcode SBX set the carry flag incorrectly
  • removed drive LED indicator from scroll lock LED (stability problems)
Unfortunately, there isn't more progress with drive emulation for now but maybe next time... Get your download from here.

YAPE 0.50 available


Yape 0.50 showing the Icaos demo from SCF This new release fixes a couple of annoying glitches, some of them had been here for quite some time, others got "implemented" accidentally during the past months hasty pace of development. Here's the list of changes:
  • new README file (at last!)
  • support for density select in true drive emulation
  • drive LED on the PC keyboard scroll lock indicator
  • shadowing 1541 ROM between $8000-$BFFF
  • no more reattach of D64 files is necessary, when switching between the 1541 and 1551 true drive emulation modes
  • added one final long pulse when saving in TAP format: wholewave TAP now produces a fully reloadable image
  • fixed cycle timing of a few CPU read calls, most of the remaining raster glitches are gone
  • fixed the 0x8F (SAX) opcode, it set the Z and N flags accidentally
  • no more truncation in sound frequency conversion, interference sounds much better
  • PC joystick is usable again (got broken in last release)
  • SID setup dialog initialisation bug
  • minor optimisation in sound rendering
  • miscellaneous bugfixes
As more and more bugs and glitches got sorted out and the emulator itself now implements ~99% of the typical hardware setup, I feel a 1.0 version of YAPE is approaching and will be probably released during this year, yet. Note, that this does not really have any special meaning only that I consider YAPE feature-complete and stable enough. There are still a lot of bugs left to be fixed but I hope they will be found eventually (some of them are really difficult to spot, let alone have fixed...). Find this actual version on the download page.

YAPE 0.49 is here


Yape 0.49 running Corruption Another important release. This time I've incorporated true 1551 drive emulation. For those who don't know: this is a cool little drive designed especially for the 264 series. The emulation is quite complete, so you can run another bunch of programs that never before, including but not limited to: GEOS, Corruption, Centauri Alliance, Fish! etc... Here's a full lowdown of the changes:
  • CPU level 1551 drive emulation (certain turbos also work)
  • disk setup dialog window
  • full(ish) write support in 1551/IEC drive emulation mode
  • customizable header and disk ID when creating new D64 images
  • breakpoint now works with the drive CPU
  • writable horizontal dot counter ($FF1E)
  • more verbose debugging information
  • fixed writing the cursor register
  • some GUI fixups
  • lotsa bugfixes
As always, the new version is on the download page.

YAPE 0.48 out with improved FLI support


Yape 0.48 running the last demo of Muffbusters A very important release for the demofreaks: all known FLI-modes are supposed to work properly, and also the ones that worked already have much better quality. There are a lot of changes in the DMA code; it was completely rewritten actually. Here is the full list of what's been changed/added:
  • drag'n'drop support (drag a file over the emulator window)
  • P00 image support (works like PRG files)
  • completely rewritten DMA code (almost all known FLI effects are supported)
  • fixed another bug in the 256KB emulation
  • fixed TAP data length when recording
  • various bugfixes
You'll see that a couple of old games also runs better now (like Paperboy, Bounder or Terra Nova). Find the new release on the download page.

YAPE 0.47: a fixup release


Yape 0.47 running Tass Times This one is basically a fixup as I managed to mess up a few things in the previous release. Good news is that now even more disk turbos will work. Supported games now include: Bard's Tale, Battle Chess, Drol, Karateka, Tass Times etc... The only real new feature is actually the initial D64 write support in 1551 mode. Note: you can't save or scratch files as of yet, but low-level disk write access should work. Here what's been changed:
  • initial D64 write support in 1551 mode
    • create empty D64
    • formatting (HEADER command)
    • B-W/B-A/B-F : block write, allocate and free commands implemented
  • fixed 256 KB RAM expansion emulation
  • fixed a sound bug introduced in 0.46
  • more accurate byte ready signal in 1541 mode (even more disk turbos work!)
  • fixed a potential crash in the 1541 emulation
  • fixed a crash when creating a TAP
Not all planned features made it to this release, as I wanted to add a command line option to start programs with a SYS code instead of RUN. Also I still could not find the bug in the exact drive motor emulation, so that feature is still disabled. Once found, that will probably let the rest of the disk turbos work, too. Maybe the next release... Find the new Yape here as usual.

YAPE 0.46 runs disk turbos!


Yape 0.46 running Silence from Unreal Yape has become a first timer again: it's the very first Commodore 264 family emulator that can deal with disk turbos! Note that not all turbos will work for now, but I'm on improving it further. Support for disk turbos makes it possible playing games and watching demos never seen before on any of the plus/4 emulators, like this excellent demo called Silence from Steve and Unreal or Amiga Mania from EDC. Games that run include: Goonies, Battery II, Flight Simulator 2, Hollywood Poker Pro etc... But let's see what's new:
  • lotsa disk turbos work! you can now run a heap of programs that never before!
  • debug/disassemble/view drive CPU and memory in external monitor (use the command 'w' to switch)
  • dumping disassembly to external file in the monitor
  • paste text to the keyboard buffer from the clipboard (ALT+V)
  • preliminary drive motor emulation (will be necessary getting the rest of the disk turbos to work)
  • drive LED implemented
  • using real samples for white noise (courtesy of Levente)
  • implemented a high pass filter on sound output (courtesy of Levente)
  • menubar in the external monitor
  • context menu (right mouse click)
  • more accurate drive head movement emulation
  • synched the 1541 drive to be exactly 1 MHz (both the CPU and the VIA's)
  • oscillator frequency reload registers are now sampled on each rasterline
  • sound oscillators do not stop when corresponding channel outputs are disabled
  • optimised true drive emulation (about 30% speed increase)
I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Levente Hársfalvi, who helped a lot getting the TED sound emulation better: sampled the white noise output of the TED, wrote the high pass filter and basically reverse engineered almost the complete sound output of the TED chip. Still is not everything clear or got implemented, but because of the milestone of getting the disk turbos work and the fact that I'm going to have precious little time in the upcoming few weeks, I've decided that a new release was just due anyway. Also I hope this release will motivate some people to join Lavina's C16 compo. Find the new release at the usual place.

YAPE 0.45 is ready!


Yape 0.45 showing an FLI effect A new version is out with a few features and fixes that will be of great interest for the demo freaks. For the first time in plus/4 emulator history, you are able to watch most of the FLI (flexible line interleave, a special multicoloured graphic mode) effects. Here's a list of what's been changed:
  • option to attach D64 files either as drive 8 or 9
  • preliminary FLI support
  • use volume table based on oscilloscope measurements
  • VIA chip of 1541 drive now sets the IRQ flag properly
  • fixed reading from zero-lap (Winter Events TAP works again)
  • fixed the DC output of high frequencies (TLC digiconverter sounds much better now!)
  • fixed a newly introduced bug of BRK during stop cycles
  • some small optimisations
I hope you'll enjoy this new release that can be downloaded from here.

YAPE 0.44 is out!


A new version is out with a lot of changes under the hood, but also quite some visible/audible ones:
  • cycle exact IRQ sequence (at last)
  • added option to patch the disk load vector
  • writable $FF1A/$FF1B (character position reload) registers
  • improved emulation of internal TED counters
  • corrected sound base frequency
  • partial rewrite of TED sound rendering
  • quick track/sector and PC indicator for 1541 drive added
Since disk turbos don't work yet, I added an option that patches the KERNAL load vector to keep using the ROM routines. It won't help however in cases where programs were not relying on the load vector (the majority does not seem to). Also, with the rewrite of another part of the sound rendering you may now experience the most "authentic" TED-sound so far. Download the new version here.

New host, update your bookmarks!

YAPE 0.43 is released!


Happy New Year Everyone! For me it was not a good start, as I had to look up a new host. Since KeepItRetro was about to close by the end of January I had to look for another server, and a fellow emulator author was kind enough to provide me space and a nice subdomain name (yape.homeserver.hu). For convenience please use yape.plus4.net for bookmarking as the other address may change in the future. Also, cheers to James C, who made a backup of my website for the transition period.

Seeing many folks' current disappointment with the quality of the 1551 drive emulation, I've finally decided to do something on this front. There's also a lot been done under the hood, but those changes are not really visible, except for the speedup. Here's what's changed:
  • about 10% speed improvement
  • T64 file support (through 1551 drive emulation)
  • preliminary TIA 6523 emulation
  • reworked & improved 1551 drive emulation
  • tape emulation now works under 1541 emulation either
  • added 300% as selectable speed
  • miscellaneous bugfixes
The 1551 emulation has been almost completely rewritten and enhanced, so that in future versions it will be relatively easy to add CPU level 1551 emulation. Although, this DOS-level emulation is also fairly complete, it lacks support for commands for write operations (you could however write to a file when using a folder as a drive, just like in the older versions of Yape) and a couple of other DOS-commands like B-E and M-E that require CPU-level drive emulation. Note, that almost all disk turbos use this latter command, so don't expect them to work for now. Programs that DO work however include the full available range of Infocom adventures and a heap of other disk-based programs, magazines previously only working with true 1541 drive emulation. You can download the new version here. As ever, feel free to send me your bug reports and problems!

Should you have comments, suggestions on the page, just mail me.