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Yape 0.60 merges the PAL and NTSC builds


Finally, I managed to merge the PAL and NTSC builds which means that a standalone NTSC build is not needed anymore. It was a crucial step, as many of you may know, the TED did not have separate PAL and NTSC versions. By appropriately setting one of the registers, one could choose the proper chrystal clock divisor for its system. Although this did not make your machine behave like the other standard, some tricky demos used NTSC mode for their high frequency digi music. These should sound next to perfect now. Anyway, this is basically all what's new for now, so I am not gonna detail the changes here, see the attached Changes.txt if you're interested. The new release is available on this page as usual.

Yape 0.59 is here with multiple drive support


Yape 0.59 setup with 2-2 1551s and 1541sAfter a mere three weeks, another new version of Yape/Win32 is out. There has been a lot of improvements as well as one cool new feature has been implemented too: the possibility to add up to 4 truthfully emulated disk drives to the virtual machine in all imagineable combinations (within the possibilities of the 1541/1551 range of disk drives, of course). Here's a full lowdown of the changes:
  • support for up to four truly emulated floppy drives
  • support for multiple drives in the external monitor
  • support of D64 files with up to 40 tracks
  • saving in halfwave TAP format was broken since a while
  • data direction register bug corrected
  • fixed a bug at the bank switching in the monitor
  • GCR maximum track length bug fixed
  • occasional crash on corrupted GCR images fixed
Grab your download from here while it's hot! :-)

Yape 0.58


A new version is out after some break. Here is what's new:
  • selectable fullscreen modes
  • selectable TED sound oversampling rate
  • improved snapshot handling
  • many TED related improvements
  • fixed a crash in the monitor
  • correct addressing mode for illegal opcode $D7
Get your copy from the download page. Note, that the open source SDL version (for Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, Solaris etc.) has also been updated. Although it is still the very old codebase (from version 0.32), there has been a few SDL related improvements made. I am planning on giving a major face-lift to it, so keep on eye on the page if you're into the SDL version.

NTSC version of Yape 0.57 available


I have been playing around a bit with NTSC support and here's the result: a preliminary NTSC version of Yape has now been made available on the download page, so don't hesitate to grab it if you're after an NTSC Commodore plus/4 emulator as Yape is the first plus/4 emulator with (a working) NTSC mode! The PAL and NTSC versions will be at one point merged into one executable, in the meantime, you must download them separately.

YAPE 0.57 out 


This new release has most notably far better SID card emulation. For the first time it will also be possible to switch over to the original clocking of the SID chip that will in itself already result in a much better quality of SID music as usually 99% of the SID tunes were originally not made on a plus/4 (exceptions being most of the tunes done by Luca) and playing these on a different clock frequency than the original may usually provide incorrect pitch tones, filter and ADSR effects. But let's see again what else has been added in this release:

  • synch frame rate to that of the monitor
  • new monitor improvements:
    • command history
    • debug with step over
    • implemented the HOME and END keys
  • some TED sound optimisations
  • selectable SID-card clock frequency
  • many bugs in the external machine code monitor fixed
  • big improvements in the SID-card emulation:
    • new combined waveforms
    • ring modulation for combined waveforms
    • noise waveform fixes
    • more exact IIR filter emulation (different cut-off frequencies for 6581 and 8580)
    • made the envelope generator output 8 bit
  • occasional input setup dialog crash fixed
Head on over to the  download page for your copy!

Bugfix release


This 0.56 version fixes a couple of bugs and glitches that were making their way to the previous release, and introduces an option to select either the Windows messaging or DirectInput for keyboard and joystick emulation. Latter is cycle exact but for compatibility with older computers an input method with the trusty old Windows Message Queue is also available. Get your download from here.

YAPE 0.55 released!


Yape 0.55 running Genetic Faulty This new version brings you the following:
  • cycle based TED and SID sound
  • WaveMapper sound option
  • cycle based keyboard & joystick emulation (via DirectInput)
  • improved a few SID waveforms (noise, triangle)
  • tweaked clocking of the 1541, even more disk turbos work
  • enhanced the autostart feature
  • bitmap fetch reload fixed
  • a couple of bugfixes
Head on over to the download page for your copy, while it's warm :-)

YAPE 0.54 out with full disk write support!


Yape 0.54 running Bard's Tale III Happy New Year everyone! Let's kick off this year with a brand new version of Yape. It's special in a way that it sports two very important features: full write support in all drive emulation modes plus optional combined TED and SID sounds at last. No annoying switches between the two sound options are necessary anymore. Finding a long standing bug in the disk rotation emulation made it possible to implement full disk write support. Even turbo copiers and fast formatters work from now on! Anyway, let's see what this new year's first release has brought us:
  • true disk rotation emulation
  • full write support in CPU level 1541 and 1551 drive emulation
  • TED and SID sound now selectable at the same time
  • option to synchronize to Vblank for smoother video
  • improved reading of SID registers
  • better high and low pass filters (courtesy of Bionic)
  • maximizing the window in PAL mode now keeps the correct aspect ratio
  • potential timer overflow bug corrected
  • stupid & rare crash bug in cpu emulation fixed
  • emulator ID could cause custom ROM corruption
  • many-many bugfixes
Note that for now, Yape will make a backup of your D64 with a BAK extension when the image gets changed. The screenshot is showing Bard's Tale III one of the few games that requires proper true drive emulation along with write support and has failed to work. Until now :-) Get this new release from the download page.

Should you have comments, suggestions on the page, just mail me.