My retro-computing page is dedicated to the memory of the 16 and Plus/4 Commodore Business Machine series of microcomputers. The site itself is not meant to be introductory, so I suppose you are at least familiar of what a C16 or Plus/4 really is. If not I would advice visiting the main information source for these old computers at www.plus4.org. Yape in action! If you are familiar with retro-computing but not yet a member of the C16-Plus/4 scene, I would recommend downloading any of the emulators (since the chances of finding yourself a real C16-Plus/4 these days are low). Find them on the links page! If you can't decide on with which emulator to start with, you can check my C16/+4 emulator feature comparison chart and see the one fit to your needs most perfectly.

So, what is this site really all about? Here you will find my very own Commodore 264 family emulator, YAPE, a (hopefully) comprehensive history of theses microcomputers in Hungary and also a gallery of some CBM 264 related hardware components. I will - someday - compare C64 and 16-Plus/4 versions of several commercial games, and you will be surprised sometimes: the little brother had better versions of them despite the well-known hardware limitations. Make sure you don't miss the tricks and tips page, where you may find - sometimes long forgotten - useful tips for games, emulators and also tricks with your Commodore machine or an emulator.

Should you have comments, suggestions on the page or the emulator, just mail me.