• WinEMU The C16/Plus4 emulator by Zsolt Prievara. MS-DOS and Win32 versions with PC based development tools are available.
  • Minus/4 The pioneering emulator still in development by Mike Dailly. MS-DOS and Win9x. Since 1996!
  • M.E.S.S. In case you like to mess further with around 30 other microcomputers. MESS supports the C16 and plus/4 since the 3rd of December, 1999. WARNING: no ROMS included! 
  • CP4 - Emulation on the Amiga The best emulation by far as it supports even D64 formats extensively. Written by Gergő Gáti.
  • The first Plus/4 emulator ever by Vladimir Lidovski. It was written in 100% assembly but the development is on hold since a long ago. Still, it has basic D64 and TAP-like support.
  • Linux C16 emulator This emulator is distributed in source format, using an older version of the Qt programming library. I could easily compile it under Mandrake Linux 7.0. It is lacking the ROMs, joy and sound support, you can't use D64 images and development seems to have stopped a long time ago.
  • The Flamingo Another emulation of the Plus/4 on the Amiga. Written by Almos Rajnai.
  • The A4 homepage First emulation of the Plus/4 on the Amiga. Development ceased years ago.

General resources

Theme-based pages

  • The XeO3 homepage - Luca/FIRE is one of the few active sceners to date. In close cooperation with Mike Dailly, they are planning to write the ultimate shoot'em up scroller for the Commodore plus/4! On this page you find frequent updates and status reports about how the game is developing.
  • Markus Brenner's Commodore page is a very good site with all kind of utils written by him. If you wish to make TAPs out of your original tapes, this is the place to go!
  • Development package for Kingsoft's TURBO PLUS emulator integration by Götz-Tobias Heger. You can download the cartridge image as well and use it with the C16/+4 emulators.
  • The ultimate Mercenary site An excellent site on the all-time classic arcade-action-adventure game, Mercenary! A must-to-visit for all plus/4 retro fans! Solutions, maps, infos, screenshots etc.
  • The Mastertronic 199 range Great site with a full release list of the Mastertronic game titles between 1985 and 1990. Most of them are downloadable!
  • The 100% Codemasters page, maintained by Adam Harris. You can find Codemasters' games for several other platforms, too. Original C16 and Plus/4 game covers are also available.
  • 8 bit games released by Mr. Chip, Mastertronic, Gremlin Graphics and Alternative Software
  • FatMan's level editor for the game Arthur Noid

Unmaintained sites

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