This section is showing the remnants of my formerly huge C16/+4 software archives. You can find here utils, games and some programs prepared by me. I think some of them weren't published elsewhere on the net before.
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Turbo Mine

Turbo Mine, a HER Turbo with my 'skin'!

This is a turbo used by me most regularly. It was called HER Turbo, and was published in a UK Commodore magazine, but I changed the writings to my likings and gave it a personal look :-) Some commercial games (Finders Keepers, ACE 2) used various modified versions of this popular turbo. You must initialise the turbo first by 'SYS3328' and then you must use the '7' as the device number in order to get to work the turbo (in Yape, as well)

Novaload turbo

The original Nova Turbo loading!

This is the most wide-spreadly used turbo for commercial games (from Mastertronic, Mr Chip and even Commodore itself!). It hadn't given you a lightspeed loader but at least it was reliable and was "multiplatform" as it also existed for the Commodore 64. In this version you could even use a "tape seek" feature by pressing 'F2' and then you could hear and see what was on the tape! In Yape, you can only see the border flashing, as digitised sound is not yet implemented at the moment. The turbo initialisation can be done with the 'F1' key, and you must use a different tape device number (7). .

Ace Turbo

Ace Turbo loading itself!

This is another turbo which I have not used very much. As much as can be said about this piece is that it looks a bit like the older Anirog turbos, used at games like Pin Point, Tom and Bongo. But I haven't yet checked that :)

Turbo 16m

Turbo 16 after initialisation

This turbo was used for most commercial games in Hungary. It was quite fast, but - as a "compromise" - it was rather unreliable. Its name is coming from the fact that it reduced regular loading time by approximately 16 times. It played some very annoying sounds during loading, and didn't use much other effect... The turbo must be initialised by pressing 'F1' and then you can apply the regular SAVE operation (no need for other device number like in case of HER Turbo).

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris drawing itself :)

Rolf Harris was a simple (to say the least) character based drawing program. It was distributed together with the Commodore 16 personal computer in Europe together with 3 other piece of software: Xzap, Punchy and Starter Chess!

Trojan Lightpen

The Trojan Lightpen software in action!

This is the software for the one and only plus/4 "commercial" lightpen, the Trojan Lightpen. Trojan prepared lightpens for various platforms, eg. Spectrum, as well. The lighpen itself had to be connected to the joystick port.

Micro Illustrator

Micro Illustrator menu

This is an excellent multicolor drawing program that scales up to the popular Multi-Botticelli! In my opinion, in certain fields it's even better than that. The program was contributed by Norbert Kintzler! Thanks Norbert!


Starter Chess 16

Starter Chess...

This is another piece of program that was bundled together with the Commodore 16 boxes. It was so much a C16 only game that you _must_ put your emulator into C16 mode in order to see the characters. It was developed by Andromeda Software (that made Impossible Mission 2 for C64 for example). The chess gameplay itself is rather weak, so if you like me have difficulties with chess, then you can gain easy victories with this program

Revs +4


There are some 2-3 versions of Revs poking around the net, but I have never met the version I have, which I think could have been the very first release, converted by Andras Szigethy from Commodore 64. It has a different startup screen that explains you the controls. Have fun with this great game!