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Another Yape snapshot for Linux/SDL (v0.32.3)!


I fixed a few ugly bugs recently, so here's a new snapshot for Linux. New in this release:
  • fixed the noise channel, it should be OK now
  • fixed the FPS counter at last, so that it reports values below 50 FPS correctly (I hope...)
  • as a consequence, the 50 Hz timer synchronization should also be fine now
There's still a couple of known bugs with the Linux version, that should be ironed out, so expect more releases soonish. Get your download here and enjoy!

New open source Yape release for Linux/SDL (v0.32.2)!


Yape for Linux v0.32.2 After a loooong pause, here's a new open sourced Yape release for all Linux retro fans! This time the most notable change is the implementation of emulated sound, which is a downport from the Windows original. Note, that this release is still based around Windows version 0.32 (as the version number suggests...), so Window users don't miss much for this time... :) Let's see what's new:
  • sound is implemented! (yet a bit clumsier than in the Windows version)
  • configuration settings now saved to user's home directory
  • some other bugs with the configuration file fixed
  • some keyboard mapping problems solved (cursor keys are now always usable)
  • save screenshots by pressing F7
  • many new bugs
  • can't remember more, it's been too long since last version :)
You can expect more snapshots of the Linux version in the upcoming weeks, as most of the missing things will be implemented (like joystick support and stuff). Get it now and have fun! Any bugreports welcome!

New host found!
New Linux version coming soon!


An "old" friend and plus/4 nerd, Navvie from KeepItRetro, helped me out in trouble and offered hosting on his excellent retro computing site! But I also would like to thank the many e-mails that I've received in the past few days, and all those who offered their help! The new URL for the site will be http://plus4.keepitretro.com, but for now only this link will work for you...
And finally I seem to recover from the mess I've been in the past few months, so I could work on Yape some more, which means that a new Linux (and BeOS, Solaris etc.) version is due to be released soon(ish) with sound, interactive menu and so on! Stay tuned!

New host wanted!


As JoseQ sadly decided to pull the plug on Emuviews, this means that my small site together with my emulator, Yape, has to move shortly (by the end of the month). So, if someone can offer some hosting preferably with a comprehensible domain-name, I'd be more than grateful!

Catching up...


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I really have not time :-( My life is a mess at the moment. I hope this would change within a month or so, though. Oh yeah, and it seems that shutting down EmuViews did not affect the hosted sites, so to all of you who had expressed fears about my small page to be pulled offline: it's not in immediate danger! Now to some better news: Luca/Fire has just finalised his status page about the ultimate shoot'em up to be written for the Commodore plus/4: XeO3! Hit the link for more!

Yape for SDL/Linux/Solaris with full source code is here!


And this is not a joke! :-)
As I've ported Yape to the SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer), it means that not only the Linux but also a BeOS, Macintosh port is theoretically possible. Yape for SDL has already been succesfully compiled on Windows, Solaris and Linux. The source for the SDL version is covered by the GNU General Public License. Note, that the user interface is yet at an early stage compared to the Windows only version, so here's a list of the currently supported features in the open source SDl version:
  • full MOS 7501 CPU emulation
  • almost full TED 7360 chip emulation
  • full ROM banking support
  • joystick emulation via the cursor keys
  • color palette based on original Commodore specs
  • tape emulation, both MTAP and samples are supported
  • TAP and PRG files support
  • fake disk LOAD/SAVE to the file system
The open source SDL version and the original Windows version will coexist in the future. If someone would like to help me in developing the SDL version, he/she can contribute to both the emulation part and improving the user interface for it. Hit the download page for the source code (no binaries supplied for now!)

Yape is coming to Linux soon!!!
New programs


I've just ported Yape to the excellent SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) package, used by many cross-platform games and emulators. This means that a Linux port is due to be released real soon! The user interface will be simplier for now than the Windows version, but I make it at least usable from the command line for the 1st release! Check back soon!
Norbert Kintzler, author of many great maps for Commodore plus/4 games has kindly contributed his Windows Commander plugin that supports D64 files. That means that you can search a program file easily from the Commander. Isnt't it cool? Note however that this is a beta release and contains bugs, so don't use it until you have backed up your files! Find the plugin on the download page!
Norbert also kindly contributed Micro Illustrator to my Commodore plus/4 archives, where you can find utilities usually unavailable elsewhere on the net! Find the proggie here!

Yape 0.32 released


Yape 0.32 screenshot with the new calculated palette After a few weeks of coding it was time to release a new version. This time I added quite a lot to Yape, so let's see what we have:
  • added processor stop cycle emulation (only regular opcodes)
  • pause emulator with a hotkey
  • a new calculated palette, based on original Commodore specs
  • reworked sound emulation (courtesy of Zsolt)
  • digitised sound is now also emulated (sort of...)
  • SID 'emulation' is gone for now (may come back later)
  • illegal character ROM banking implemented
  • the wholewave/halfwave checkbox has been embedded to the 'Create TAP' dialog
  • redesigned ROM/RAM and machine configuration dialog window
  • optimised windowed DirectX modes
  • tweaked a bit some more on the horizontal dot counter
  • fixed the decimal mode ADC and SBC once and forever
  • fixed a pixelformat bug in 16 bit windowed DirectX mode
  • fixed some rarely used illegal CPU opcodes
  • fixed a keyboard repeat problem
  • fixed various bugs in some character modes
  • fixed a small timer bug
  • new icon (hope you'll like it! :) )
  • various other additions, code cleanups and optimisations
If you ever had complains about the keyboard handling of Yape, than I think this is a great release for you. It was a bit "late" sometimes. Concerning the new calculated palette: it's quite preliminary but it will be a great thing once perfect, as the color parameters are from an original Commodore specification! By the way, I'm looking for a volunteer who would make a decent Readme.txt for Yape (the current one is rather outdated). I don't have enough time to make it myself... Find the new version here!

First public release of Artifex is out


Zsolt released today his new generation emulator, Artifex. In case you may not have heard about this earlier, it is meant to be a cycle based emulator (like Yape, but unlike WinEMU which is instruction based, although still cycle exact). Currently, Artifex is in an early beta stage, but it already supports the MTAP format, has neat sound and a great GUI based debugger! So head on to the Artifex homepage for your download!

Yape 0.31 now supports text on the borders


Yape 0.31 running One on One, a great basketball conversion from Crown with intro text in the border area One of the neatest features of the 264 family of Commodore micros was the ability to extend the window area to the top and bottom borders. And now Yape is also capable of supporting this feature by allowing to write into the rasterline counter registers.
Let's see the changes since v0.30:
  • writable rasterline registers (extension to border area works!!)
  • reworked full screen mode (ALT+ENTER works at last!)
  • reorganised TED chip emulation
  • fixed a bit on the horizontal dot counter
  • fixed a monitor bug
  • fixed an IRQ delay timing
  • fixed a bug when DX mode didn't load back properly from the .ini file
  • hopefully fixed another emulator snapshot bug
Also I'd like to add that from this release, full screen should - in theory - be the fastest mode as I don't use DX backbuffer any longer. Unfortunately, sound gets lost when in full screen, so that will be another project :) Download this new release from here!

Yape 0.30 is now out


Yape 0.30 running TCFS's Commando I've been tinkering with the external monitor recently. I must admit, there's still much room for improvement but I hope I made it at least a bit usable for "real-life" work (like debugging). Besides, I added three important things, so I decided it would be due for a new release. So here's what's new:
  • more accurate IRQ handling
  • some DMA fetch corrections
  • record wholewave/halfwave TAPs optionally
  • enhanced external MONITOR functions:
    • memory dump
    • overwrite memory contents
    • disassemble memory
    • CPU register dump
    • compare memory areas
    • transfer memory areas
    • memory fill
    • search in memory
    • memory banking
    • debug CPU
Get the new release from the download page! Also, I'd like to point out here that Zsolt managed to implement the (M)TAP support in Artifex, so once it's ready, it will also be capable of loading the tons of tapes Lando had dumped in the previous months. So, keep on eye on the all new Artifex homepage for a release in a not too distant future...

Yape 0.29 : first 2001 release!


Yape 0.29 Still I've been really busy these months, so the development of Yape paced down a bit. I was trying to catch up in the recent days and the result is this new release, the first one in the new Millennium :) Changelog for v0.29:
  • emulated disk SAVE to the file system (no D64 files just yet)
  • the 'SAVE as PRG' dialog window is now in hexadecimal (for user request :-) )
  • more polishment on the cursor emulation
  • started implementing a monitor/debugger
  • save settings on exit
  • some minor UI changes
Please don't expect too much from the monitor for now. Emulated disk saving to the file system should be fine, so if you experience problems, don't hesitate to drop me a mail. Grab the new release from here).

Small updates


Just a small update this time, I added a description to the Tips&tricks page about how to create your own TAP files for your enjoyment :) On top of this, I added the most (in)famous Hungarian turbo - called 'Turbo 16m' to the archives. It was a rather fast, but very unreliable turbo, which played "sounds" during loading, and was used for most commercial games in Hungary.

WinEMU 0.49 has been released


After four long months, a new WinEMU version has been released. Rumours say, this will be the last release of WinEMU, as Zsolt is currently working on an emulator with a more accurate emulation engine. New in this WinEMU release are:
  • new windowed screen modes (using GDI)
  • fixed a bunch of CPU instructions
  • fixed interrupt handler
  • fixed TED color registers (Rockman works fine)
  • a cartridge game (Jack Attack) has been added to the package
  • blank screen bug has been fixed, Manic Miner works fine
  • improved wildcard handling in 1551 emulation ("?" and "*" work)
  • DirectSound works under Windows NT4
  • stack debugger (F4 in debug mode)
  • miscellaneous other things
Head over to the WinEMU homepage to grab this cool new release!
I just see that the DOS port of M.E.S.S. has also been updated today to version 0.37b11, but I can't tell ya about the Commodore related changes in the emulation :(

Site update at last: new rarities on the archives page


Happy New Year everyone! It has been really a while since the last site update, as I am facing some changes in my life recently. This has been quite a big obstacle in Yape development and the site update. So, although there is no new Yape release for now, I uploaded some new rare gems of the Plussy for your retro pleasure:
  • Nova Turbo : TAP image of the original Novaload turbo!
  • ACE turbo : another great turbo TAP image
  • Rolf Harris : a character based drawing utility
  • Starter Chess : chess for beginners, an orignal TAP image
  • Revs : an early, rare release of the Revs racing game
Head on to the archives page for your copy!

Should you have comments, suggestions on the page, just mail me.