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Yape 0.70


Yape 0.70 is out with these fixes:
  • DirectX joystick support got accidentally disabled in 0.69
  • better overlay support for some newer Ati cards
Get it from this page.

Yape 0.69


A new version of Yape is out with the following changes:
  • tape counter in the status bar
  • joystick fire on PageUp key (for laptops)
  • TED and SID mixed sound can now also be saved to AVI/WAV
  • fixed full screen mode autodetection
  • stupid new bug in 1551-IEC/filesystem mode fixed
  • fixed a potential crash and clicks on recording to WAV
  • zip support got accidentally disabled in 0.68
A couple of nasty bugs have made their way into the emulator the last months due to the hasty pace of development, the most annoying ones have been fixed now for good (hopefully). Thanks to all who pointed them out. Get the new version from here.

CBM 1551 drive disassembly online


Just a small piece of update. A while back I have made a complete disassembly of the Commodore 1551 parallel disk drive. The comments for the DOS part are taken from the Complete 1541 disassembly by Frank Kontros, the rest was added by me. It is a very handy piece of stuff for people willing to learn how the 1551 actually works. You can download the first revision from this page.

Yape 0.68 with "THE" magical voice is here!


Yape 0.68 "flying high" in performance modeWhat seems like a minor update is actually a huge achievement, and again my emulator has become a first-timer with the Toshiba 6721 speech LSI emulation. As you may - or may not - know, this chip was featured in the V364 prototype as well as in the actual production "Magic Voice" cartridge unit for the Commodore 64. Yape has been having V364 support for a while, but the speech had relied upon Windows' built-in Text-to-Speech API and as such was not to be called real emulation, rather "simulation". The almost total lack of documentation regarding the T6721 LSI rendered the truthful resurrection of this prototype almost hopeless. Yet, years after my first call in 2000 for researching the V364, it is now reality! Not all aspects are clear, of course, but enough to get the built-in speech working and with excellent quality. Check out Bo Zimmerman's V364 page - it has all the original WAV recordings - and hear for yourself! I'll put up a page soon about programming the Toshiba 6721 and a few hints on how to create custom speech with it. I have loads of ideas:
  • making a Magic Voice modul for C64 emulators
  • designing & building a "Magic Voice" cartridge for the plus/4 that is compatible with the V364 prototype ROM program (volunteers?)
  • porting the cartridge version of Wizard of Wor - that featured speech - from the C64 to the plus/4
  • creating custom speech from WAV files
  • using the T6721 chip for music (after all, it has pitch control, a 10 stage filter, white noise & triangle wave source and 15 bit digital output). At the very least it should be possible to do digi playback with it!
Anyway, enough of the hype, here is a list of all the changes in this release:
  • true Toshiba 6721 speech LSI emulation (custom vocabularies works, too!)
  • performance mode for very slow PCs
  • separate drive reset
  • bugfixes
Let's not forget about another very cool feature: the performance mode. In this mode (to be found in the Machine settings dialog window) Yape will sacrifice some TED accuracy for sake of more speed, in general you can achieve 2-3 times higher speeds depending on the actual situation. However, you are unable to use true drive emulation in this mode.

Get this new copy from this page. Also check out Clickgamer's plus/4 page here where version 1.1 of my plus/4 emulator for the Pocket PC has recently been made available.

Version 0.67 of Yape out


Small(ish) update this time. A few nasty bugs have been fixed, and the TED chip compatibility has been improved upon (not really noticable, unless you're a true demo-geek). But let's see what's got added this time:
  • improved TED chip emulation
  • some class refactoring (not visible to end users, mainly intended for future portability)
  • a bit more consistent GUI
  • unused 7501/8501 processor port bits bug fixed
  • disk corruption bug (after formatting) fixed in true drive emulation
  • rare 'save as PRG' dialog crash fixed
I forgot to mention at the last update that the XP theme support has also been added, thanks to the fact that I have finally upgraded the Yape project to the latest version of the compiler. You can get your copy of Yape here.

Yape 0.66 released


Even though Pocket C+4 has been the main focus in the last couple of months, I haven't forgotten about Yape either. This time the following additions have been made:
  • more than one (up to 4) 1581 drives now possible
  • one-shot breakpoints in the monitor (U $address, or G $start $stop)
  • resizable emulator window in DirectX mode
  • resizable monitor window
  • actual memory reads/writes now shown during debug
  • synch to vblank functionality changed
  • cleaner code and better optimizations
  • small bug in SID noise waveform fixed
  • memory leak in fake drive emulation fixed
As you can see quite a few improvements have been made to the external monitor. One-shot breakpoints are extremely useful when you want to debug your code, think of it as a 'Run to cursor' equivalent. Download Yape 0.66 from here.

Commodore plus/4 emulation on Pocket PC!


Pocket PC owners, that wait is over! In the last couple of months I have been busy revamping my Yape emulator for the Pocket PC platform: a real challenge! Although the Pocket PC's are getting ever more powerful, their CPU is still only comparable to that of the desktop PC's of the late '90s. Still managed to achieve a very good speed and compatibility. It will also support today's most advanced VGA devices in their native 480x640 resolution.
Pocket Commodore plus/4 in action
Here's a list of features:

  • Full 7501 (CPU) emulation:
  • all documented & undocumented opcodes,
  • 100% correct decimal mode,
  • instruction/cycle exact emulation.
  • Video/Sound (TED) emulation:
  • very fast Line-based emulation,
  • all display modes,
  • open and expanded borders,
  • DMA cycles, some FLI modes, FLD effects
  • Timer and raster interrupts,
  • raster line exact hardware cursor & flash
  • 2 channel sound supporting digi
  • Full ROM banking, support for the built-in C+4 programs
  • Full joystick and keyboard emulation
  • DOS-based 1551 drive emulation
  • Support for .prg, .p00 and cartridges
  • Support for true VGA resolution
  • Redefinable d-pad
  • Sticky keyboard option
  • Expanded full screen modes for optimal display usage.
  • Support for native and software landscape modes
  • Full menus and keyboard controls in landscape mode.
  • Full save/load emulator state support
  • External keyboard support
  • Good news is that Commodore Inc has officially endorsed this product, so it is going to be released as "the" Pocket Commodore plus/4. For an almost full list of features and preview screenshots, visit clickgamer.com/plus4 now. The release is due shortly, so if you like Yape and the Commodore plus/4 and you're owner of a Pocket PC, this program is definitely recommended!

    New Yape release


    Yape 0.65 is out, with a handful of new features and a usual bunch of bugfixes. A long requested feature, symbolic keymapping, has also been added this time. It basically allows you to map the emulated plus/4 keyboard to your own PC's keyboard layout disregarding whichever input locale you are using (well at least I hope so :-) ). Here's a full lowdown of what's been changed this time:
    • disk write support for 1581 emulation
    • optional symbolic keymapping
    • save screenshots as GIF (now default)
    • fixed a sync problem on dual core AMD based machines
    • fixed a glitch in decimal mode of ARR (thanks to V.Lidovski)
    • fixed a memory corruption when loading a D64 as PRG (an abuse)
    • some additional bugfixes
    To activate symbolic keymapping, go to: Input setup->Input method and select 'Symbolic keymap'. Grab this new release from from the download page.

    Yape 0.64 out


    This is basically a bugfix release, a lot of regression bugs have been fixed. Here's a more detailed overview of them:
    • fixed IRQ delay bug of CPU after SEI instruction
    • fixed a regression crash on certain TAP files
    • fixed sound delay when recording to AVI
    • many small bugfixes
    You can find the new release here as usual.

    Commodore V364 resurrected!


    Yape 0.63 brings you an awesome new feature, again never seen before in any other Commodore 264 family emulator: the never born machine, the Commodore V364 prototype, got emulated this time. Check out my summary about the way of using speech on it. With this all members of the CBM 264 family are now supported by Yape in both PAL and NTSC setups. The main changes in this release are:
    • Commodore V364 prototype support (Windows XP or MS Speech API 5.1 required)
    • processor level Commodore 1581 disk drive emulation (WD1772, CIA)
    • D81 disk image format support (read only)
    • emulate a TED glitch in graphic mode
    • fixed a regression bug when saving tapes to WAV format
    • a couple of bugfixes
    If you are not running Yape under Windows XP, you may have to download and install the MS Speech API separately. It is available as a free download at Microsoft's website here. The D81 support is read only for now and you'll only be able to use drive 8 for the 1581 emulation. Grab the new release from this place and have fun with it! On a related note, Yape is celebrating the 5 years anniversary of its first public release within a few weeks. It has come a long way since September 13, 2000 but it is so great to see it being a rather decent plus/4 emulator ;-)

    Record AVI's with Yape 0.62!


    Yape 0.62 Larry's sideborder removalHere's a cool new release of Yape for ya. Changes are:
    • record emulator output to video
    • record emulator sound in WAV format (TED or SID but not both)
    • sound oversampling is now using a Hamming window for the FIR filter
    • improved NTSC mode
    • better VDU emulation
    • Ctrl key is accessible thru the 'Insert' as well (for laptops)
    • drag'n'drop with Ctrl hold down won't autostart
    • fixed a BAM corruption bug in IEC/1551 mode
    • fixed fullscreen size in VDU emulation mode (was hardwired to 1024x768)
    • stupid sound oversampling bug corrected
    • some TED fixes
    Get yourself a copy from my download page.

    Yep! A new release at last!


    Yape 0.61 running LOD's part in Cracker's Demo 3New year, new releases :-) After a short hiatus, here's a new Yape for ya. Packed with lots of bugfixes and some cool new features, such as better TED emulation and more robust user interface. Here is the list of changes:
    • switching to full screen when VDU emulation is on, works now differently
    • play in background option in sound settings
    • sound keeps on playin when emulator window is set to 'Always on top'
    • easter egg: press Ctrl+Alt+X to activate the 1541 turbo loader hack
    • more robust DirectX modes
    • very obscure interrupt bug fixed
    • various TED fixes
    • lots of bugfixes
    The undocumented key combo (Ctrl+Alt+X) activates a workaround, that makes it now possible to load demo's that utilized the so-called Coby loader 8.0, a Megaload derivant. These demo's include: Cracker's Demo 3 (check the screenshot to the right), No Silence and High Technology. This - to the best of my knowledge - is actually the last piece of loader that so far refused to load in the emulator and this hack - while not solving the core of the problem - will circumvent a necessary half cycle accuracy for now.

    Head on over to the download page for your copy.

    Should you have comments, suggestions on the page or the emulator, just mail me:
    Mail address